Sunday, August 31, 2008

all about 823!!!

well...823 dis is de program that had ever happen in hwa lian..dis concert is as big as i cant 823 ..erm..i think is july lidat..lim jitt han..our skol fea sui king(ketua disiplin) ..haha..he gv us a chance to perform at de stage..(ya..we reli wanna thx him)...after we get tis chance..den we start pratice hard lu..cuz tat stage is reli different wat(CMG stage nia)..wahahah...huh..be4 823..we nid go skol rehearsal ..2 time time rehearsal at skol i think is quite ok la..not bad lo..still gt many ppl clap hand ..lolz..after rehearsal..nid think about our dance suit lo..our captain said that we gonna wear like army..huh.."ma fan"haha..den we buy de army shirt at here..but de pants..go where also cant find de suitable 1..sienz last we still nid go KL buy...haiz...waste money..go dere i waste almost RM200 lo...aduiz..but nvm la...cuz we quite enjoy la..n learn dao how to eat WASABI tim..haha..n thx howhow auntie ya...let us sleep at her home n belanja us makan tim..reli thx...^^..finally 823 come le..that day i go skol bout 7.45am lidat..(cuz tis function i nid wake up so early in holiday = =)haha..but i go so early 4 wat..-.-teacher also haven come ..juz de CMG staff doin work all teammate show time..=.='NO...i wrong..not show time but my leader call us help those sukarelawan clean up de water at de field with plate...haizz..although is quite DAIB..but..quite enjoy la..can play water..n we look vy teamwork ..teacher also praise us tim..^^yeah...!!
after rehearsal at de CMG sound system so nice..geng man..!!!we reli cant wait until nite le..haha..NOW!!de bad thing happen..bout 3.++pm ..start rain cat n dog..den how??oho la..all thing spoil..plan nid rain non-stop..n d field flood many 'lan bek xi' sad thing is haizz..she as a prefect nid take all de thing at field to hall..hey she is a gal leh..she take all de heavy thing when it still raining n without shoes leh..TMD..damn stupid rain...but de most hurt is when i wanna help her she say no nid my help..sad ..sad mood edi..haiz..after tat i juz sedar that i still gt perform o..den quickly go to de back stage at hall( not at field le cz rain)..teacher tell us that we can perform at field le cuz de rain is nearly stop le..^^YES!! last we done our perform edi..i like that stage ..i like those light n sound system..hehe..after perform go crazy wif frenz lo..hehe..^^today i vy tied...n quite no mood 1..go back home den straight sleep edi (but sure gt bath 1st la)haiz..its ok ...cuz finally done tis 823 perform..haha..^^