Sunday, August 24, 2008


hehe..wat 4 we pratice so hard?ya is for perform 1st perform is on Hwa Lian 1st time i join de still left 3 week lidat for us to pratice n perform at last we done it le..hehe..quite good tim..haha...^^(zi lian)...den we still receive other program that invite us to do perform at dere..huh..1)smk hwalian IU DAY ..2)star city...3)SHOw Ur TALLent...4)823 Hwa Lian 50th bday...i think we oredi do our best in those program..^^yeah..!! but de 1 i most like is Hwa LiaN bday de ba ..cuz that stage is CMG stage..all de thing is different..all de thing is good..huhu..luv de stage so much...hehe...Every time we perform i also ll feel "gan jiong" de although i not de main 5...dunnoe y..but after de perform i ll got that feeling "y so fast end" feeling stand on stage is vy nice..all ppl looking on u ..n u can show all ur tallent...huh..i spend my time to pratice is 'zi de' 1...keke...hope can hv more perform ..hehe..


chialok x2 said...

Progression Jia You~!!!