Monday, June 29, 2009

B'day WOr~!

Last friday is ah di b'day..
after tuition we havin party at wan chen home..
so syok ..long time din gather like that edi..
me,ah jun,ah kit,kai wei ,ah bing,orange,YZ,wan chen,hoi ,di n his gal fren
1st time c his gf..wao...quite beautiful xia..
lolx..erm..den we eat(steamboat),play,chat at wan chen home lo..
that time we play a game name "angel & demon"
wao..nice enjoy..kaka..
ah kit talk many rubbish make me laugh till bea tahan..
haha..i still remember wat he say that time
"like 1 ppl no head no leg"..
lol..tis sentences reli kik n bo la gang..lolx..but he keep on say it..zzz
we play till 2 am like that..den eat second round..lolx
although is second round but still tat delicious..
keke...after eat we cont play game..
until 4 am like that..we go lim teh at kari ikan..
omg 4 am we still go lim teh..break my record edi..
haha..that day i 5 am sleep ..omg~but dunnoe y i din feel tired at all..
=.= morning 11 like that we straight go eat tom yam.. enjoy..
hehe...anyways...hope everyday can happy like this..
n di..hope ur dream may come true..keke..^^

Thursday, June 25, 2009

A day in TAYLOR'S

Today..i ponteng again la..^^
y?cuz LAZY...
yesterday my skol organize a trip to TAYLOR's college..
n i join it lo~
in de early morning..we nid get ready at de malay canteen..
tis trip i think gt almost 80 +ppl join..
A B C D E F G class de people also gt..
after teacher gv some talk..den our journey begin~
wu..i sit bus B..beside me is howx2..
n behind us is KB n CL..
we talk n play non stop..until de college.. geng~
haha...i 1st time go tis college..
tis college quite big xia lo...n i saw many leng lui here..lolx..
er...our speaker is Michael..
he is a funny guy..lolx...
i vy enjoy his talk...
he intro anything bout TAYLOR's to us..
^^ i know well bout TAYLOR
during de talk..Michael show a video clip to us..
"gratitude dance"
omg!!it's a stupid dance..but..quite funny..
haha..he wan all of us do it
..zz..funny dao...
haha...den..we gt a competiton also..
that is to fill up a form that is all about taylor..
my team get num 1 lo..reward is a note book ..zz
well..after that we enjoy our lunch at taylor canteen...
nice food..^^
after that we gonna say BYE BYE to taylor..
n next destination is KLCC...
arghh...long time din come here le..
well we juz can go sky bridge on 4pm..but de time we reach dere is 2.30pm
so that we still gt sometime shopping de..
keke..^^..of corse i din brin enuf i juz can look around T_T
but..when me n howx2..walk till KINOKUNIYA
erm..we 2 attract by a book ..
de title is..
"Where Does My Love Go Wrong?"

its reli a nice book..everything inside is reli meaningful..
den we 2 daib brough it...zz
4pm..we join up wif each other n go a 3D mini cinema..
after that...we go Sky Bridge..
well ..1st time come here..
erm..nothing special..but its a nice place to take picture..
lol..we all still capture a funny video...
that is model moving in catwalk n suden change to "gratitude dance"
omg~damn funy..haha..
reli gt many funny things happen ~keke..
aiya..its time to dinner..
means its goin to end of tis trip..
we enjoy our dinner at Bikit Tinggi..
de food quite ok..^^
erm...too many things happen jor..
juz 1 word can describe tis trip

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

1 day trip to Bentong!!

Last saturday..we juz hv a crazy plan..
it was went to Bentong..
well..Bentong is a small town like Mentakab..
that locate bout 100++km from here..
how we go dere?
ya..sure is by car..HOWx2 n SHUNXIANG car..
hehe..all of us get ready on 6am.. was a new record for me...
cuz i never wake up so early in saturday.. n sheyli fetch by howx2
n BK ,QZ n TH fetch by SX..
we arrive bentong bout 7++
den..sure we go take breakfast sin la..
well..dunnoe is SX of TH intro we go a restaurant
when we go into de shop..
many aunty n uncle look at us..
lol..i think their mind is full of "???"
cuz y little kid ll wake up so early n eat breakfast..haha
wao dere de siu mai n BAo quite nice xia..


keke..we eat n talk nonsense..
wao~is quite enjoy that time..
after havin breakfast ..
den sure we plan to go water fall..
nice man..long time din go those places..excited
well..on de way to water fall..
TH went to a famous shop that sell egg toast...
er..quite delicious xia..
almost 20 min like that ..we reach de water fall jor..
tis water fall quite nice...beautiful ~hehe..
dunnoe how to describe...zzzz
haha..we go play water lo...but juz go not so deep de place..
cuz din brin any other cloth..
den we start take pic every where at de water fall..





SX Magic!


when we leave Bentong...
we aso go a ice-cream shop eat ice-cream tim..
lol..enjoy dao..~ d trip jz waste up RM15..wao~
cool~so syok..hope next time still gt..
cheap n fun de trip~