Monday, June 29, 2009

B'day WOr~!

Last friday is ah di b'day..
after tuition we havin party at wan chen home..
so syok ..long time din gather like that edi..
me,ah jun,ah kit,kai wei ,ah bing,orange,YZ,wan chen,hoi ,di n his gal fren
1st time c his gf..wao...quite beautiful xia..
lolx..erm..den we eat(steamboat),play,chat at wan chen home lo..
that time we play a game name "angel & demon"
wao..nice enjoy..kaka..
ah kit talk many rubbish make me laugh till bea tahan..
haha..i still remember wat he say that time
"like 1 ppl no head no leg"..
lol..tis sentences reli kik n bo la gang..lolx..but he keep on say it..zzz
we play till 2 am like that..den eat second round..lolx
although is second round but still tat delicious..
keke...after eat we cont play game..
until 4 am like that..we go lim teh at kari ikan..
omg 4 am we still go lim teh..break my record edi..
haha..that day i 5 am sleep ..omg~but dunnoe y i din feel tired at all..
=.= morning 11 like that we straight go eat tom yam.. enjoy..
hehe...anyways...hope everyday can happy like this..
n di..hope ur dream may come true..keke..^^


FuNKidzzz said...

ah di happy birthday xD

~tRutH~ [++] said...

woa~ so suang..lot ppl celebrate vf ur fren..

SokaMi said...

lol..sure lo..kawan ma..^^