Wednesday, November 11, 2009

QQ Message~

I never try to do such a Pointless thing that i done last day..

Thay day I lying on bed..
do nothing..
and looking my handphone..
sudenly I gt and idea..hehe..
I start my game..

I type a message
the content on the message is
"凸 nah..."

after that i link to all my friend that i fell that will crazy with me..
1...2....3.....massage has been send =)

and Waiting for reply lolx..
They Reply 1 by 1...


1)Ah Kit : "come emo" (lol..i 凸him..but he asking me go cc=.= wan go cc beat me??haha)
2)Ah Jin : "给人吊" (wao..this guy so rude..lolx..that time he is working)
3)ChiaLok : "?" (so perfunctory -.-)
4)Ah Xuan : "Apa ni..." (lol..this is message la)
5)Zhi Yuan : "What?" (=.= i also dunnoe what i doing)
6)Xiao Bang : "wan gaduh ka?cb" (wow..this little kid rude then jin)
7)Jin Xian : "?" (same as chialok=.=)
8)Wan Chen : "(.)(.)nEh!" (lol..i love this reply..creative)
9)Ah Xuan : "o0o" (him again)
10)How How : " Lol " (haha...i also lol-ing)
11)James : "Wat 凸!!" (i like this also)

huh~some of them no reply langsung..=.=
(jy,Pok,AhDi,FC,TH,YS and Hao)
mayb they think i'm crazy ..haha =)
lolxx =)

even this message is damn pointless...
but it can make more contact between friend ..
so everyone can try it ...haha..=)