Sunday, August 24, 2008

de 1st time..

well..be4 join de team life is damn borin..everyday juz tuition..skoling..sleep..n eat..i still remember de 1st..jy ask me wan join anot..den i say not last i join le..hehe...^^ de 1 st time i meet de team is after tuition L.POH POH..REnn(team leader)come fetch me n straight pratice at his still remember that time i almost miss de next tuition on 8.00..i go on 8.45 lol...haha^^ tis progression team quite fun team leader damn cool..but actually vy dai b 1 other teammate..dun wan say liao lo..more 'fei' 1st song we pratice is TVXQ de purple line..huh..b4 i pratice de dance..i feel de song is quite hard to dance..but at last we done it le..although is not 100% but i think is good enuf 4 me..hehe^^ 1 st time i join dance 1st time i play until so 1st time i noe more about 1st time i so tied 1st time i gt chance stand on de bcuz of u -PROGRESSION..luv eu...muackss...


chialok x2 said...

dun 4get we r Jay de fans arh!!!
dun move to TVXQ arh!!!!
but i like TVXQ also ==!!
2 also like^^