Tuesday, September 30, 2008

crazy days...!!

yea..29th ..erm..i think is de crazy day for me..!!
haha...[x2]gt t-shirt jor..huh..so we wanna go Kl make de t-shirt lo..
bt i sick leh ..wtf..whole journey so cham..stomachache gao gao ..==in de morning we go by bus lo...huh..many frenz on de same bus..ah king lo..yuan sheng lo..ah bing lo..n my brother n cousin also same bus..n those so K [x2]haha..on de way to Kl haha..our dai lou soh cia lok keep diam diam onli..y?lolz...wanna pang sai pula..wat de du him...he juz sit beside me..he said that he cant tahan edi call de driver stop pls ..although at high way also nvm..he still wan gao tim those "shit"1st..lol...so wan ..but at last de driver stop at de genting sampah there den let him go pang sai..haha..how noe the male toilet full jor..he straight run into female 1..==walao ehh ..reli bolak jor...haha..den after he pang sai ..wah ..noisy til ...dunnoe how say..@@haha..huh..finally arrive KL..den we go eat chicken rice..huh..de uncle so noisy..intro we go here go dere..walao think we vy rich like that..deng~den we go watch movie..'death race'..lol..nice movie..gt beautiful gal also..n de whole movie juz like a game la..haha..after that..we go n meet k.boon n den find de company that can help us to make the t-shirt..wah..hard to find wu..walk here walk dere...still cant find ..haiz...waste jor so many time to find de shop..at last we find it le..that shop vy nice..de tauke vy creative..gt many DIY thing inside dere(ALIEN modal ar)...gt 1 t-shirt that vy funny is infront of it printed wif "seven early eight early ..u dun talk three talk four" lol..damn funny man ..haha..after that we go KIm GaRry ..lolz..many funny thing happen in this restaurant.."ki ki ku fank"lol..de waiter vy funny..den spend bout 1.30hour fea sui at here..lol..our voice..i think is de louder at there ba...some time we still nid remind each other that we r in kim garry not arobha..haha.haha..we fea many thing dere...talk ppl thing n 踩ppl..lol...after eat bao bao den we go walk walk xia ..n buy underwear..lol..wat de stupid thing=.=
bout 10++ we go back to Cl home ..huh de 2nd time i go his home..erm..our activities haven end..haha..it juz start..after rest bout 30 min at his home den we go down de smimming pool n basketball court play play..Kb,CL,Sx,FC,Benson go swim..lol..without light 1..but quite romantic wu..n they look vy enjoy..haha..me EE n TH play basketball haha..actually that time i think is not a suitable time for us to play at dere edi de..cuz all de light r switch off..haha..but still can c la..cuz gt streetlamp..haha..de funny thing happen jor..those guy who swim at de pool kena "bang"by de fat woman indian guard..lol..n she said"hey,u think wat is de time now?"lol..they all quickly jump out from de pool n join us play ball ball ..now we hv a competition pula..that is team"no wear shirt vs no wear pants"lol..i reli cant tahan ..haha..4 funny guy juz wear undearwear throw de ball from here to there n vs other 4 guy no wear shirt 1..luckly i in de team that no wear shirt..haha..(huh actually tat time many ppl at de taman de ,still gt 1 gang of ppl gather at dere talk non-stop n laugh non-stop..may b is laugh those 4 guy that wearing underwear n chase de ball de ba)haha..lol..after that funny basketball match ..haha..i bcome normal edi..no sick jor..lol.. now i agree wif "laugh is de good medicine"haha..after that sure hungry liao de ma ..den ma go eat eat at mamak shop liao lo..haiz..de mee goreng cant eat 1..so "ham"yak~..but de milo ais stil can tahan la^^.....eat jor den go back to de condominium..after all bak bak ...den we gather at drawing room and fea sui..tis time we fea geng then at kim garry..talk until 4am..wah..wat we talk leh..i think tis is meaningful..not juz talking rubbish ..some thing reli happen on our frenz ..some 1 not like some 1..not song some 1..hate some 1 ..du lan some 1..all also say out jor..haiz..who call we r frenz ?sure no secret jor..all say out sure nid some time de ma..haha..aiya..actually b frenz o no nid do too many 花样..some time u cant always b de conductor like that..wan tis den dun wan tis..mayb u think some 1 dunoe..but ppl can feel 1..yeap ..frenz ma ..dun bcuz some den suicide frenz lo..now started hate THEM edi ..so FAKE...aikss..
at last we bea tahan jor..den sleep le lu~de next morning ..we go walk around de shopping mall n they buy some thing 4 them self..n EE u sure u can read de whole book n understand it?lol..
haha..take 2pm de bus b mtk so we 1++edi go to bus stop le..hehe..well..tis time vy suang lo...haha^^bcz of u [x2]...