Sunday, March 1, 2009

27th FEB !!

hehe!!27th feb is my birthday..!!


today when i reach skol...huh..its oredi late..
7.32 pengawas close de gate ,my father car has been block
n de prefect copy my name for demerit..
well..nvm its ok wat..cuz i late mar...
but..suddenly i c a car can terus go in ..
huh~de prefect dint block at all..omg!!noob shit..
den i heard my father scold de prefect.."lu..buat apa..kenapa x block dia?"
tat time my father look quite angry ..i think de pengawas also SCARE oredi de..
herm..y de prefect dun wan block?
cuz that 1 is our skol "POLIS"..MR.BENJAMIN n his daughter..
oic...he sked kena pecat so not dare to block him la..
aiks..teacher "dai sai" ar??
say wat "I hope student wunt late to skol..for those who late to skol ll demerit 5 marks.."
omg !!mr.benjamin how bout u?n ur daughter?
can demerit ma?aiks...i think cant lo..
SAY = "yi liu" DO ="bungkus nasi lemak la"
aiks..HL disiplin waste time to do on those meaningless things..lap sap ...!!

aiks...dun wan talk bout tis le lu..
talk dao also sienz..haha
today my bday ma..muz hapy hapy de ma..!!
well..tis morning quite piece xia..!!
de gay lou CL kiss my hand early in de morning ...say tis is present wor..
aduiz...quite nice de present wu~
n shey li gv me 1 piece of cake for bday present..
wow..nice looking but also nice taste..!!
until balik rumah...huhu..get many wishes..^^
thx thx thx my frenz..!


my mum cook delicious food for me too^^
nice food..hehe..luv mom..
tis noon gt account tuition...huh~
but still gt time to rest so i go oi oi le...
when i wake up i though still 4pm still gt 1 hour to tuition..
den i ma slowly pang sai n bath lo...
how noe..when i finish my bath..deng 5 pm jor.
start tuition le..

when i reach tuition dere..15.15..shit..
go inside de room..
teacher:"happy ur birthday o?so can late la.."
omg!whole class laugh..Zzz..pai she man!
i noe who tell teacher today is my bday..aiks..reli fuxxing mouth..DULIN
oh..i get a present at here also..haha
well ,after tuition..i hv to celebrate wif my bro n my frenz ...

BABA CHOP MAMA GAL all of them come out to celebrate wif me..
ah bing,ah keong,wan chen,ah kit,ah di,ah lam,kai wei,my brother(stupid xiang din come)
haha..well i 1st time celebrate wif them..
we order steam boat..
1 is tomyam de other is soup..
hehe...we din eat like when after lion dance perform ..
if we eat like that.. sure de table ll look like after war..haha
today we eat like gentleman ..slowly slowly eat..
so enjoy..n song!
thx my frenz..!!hehe..luv u all..

well,beside them ..
JY,ah KIAN,Teck HUi,Ah Xuan,Boon KIat ,Pei Shen,Ciu WEn,Vivian
also come le wor...
today at skol ah kian ask me to go some where for celebrate wif me
i noe they hv plan le..
y?cuz i clever ma..^^
lolx...erm..den i ma agree lo...
if not let them dissapointed meh..~Zzz..
they celebrate wif me at de same place aso..
when i eat wif others frenz ..bk them juz pass by de shop..
lolx..i no think dao kian ll call gal come out also lo..^^
though juz boy ll come onli..
den i go out ask them y come here de?
they act indian movie...say "juz pass by onli...they wan find ciu wen mom "
zzZz..sienz dao xia...BK act drama de skill belum sampai tahap la..
aduiz..c also noe is lie de...
erm..mayb they wan gv suprise..hehe
so i ma act mai indian movie say byebye to them n cont eat in de shop
after 10 min ..i feel they quite pity stand out side n gv suprise...
den ma go out call them come in..
that time xuan n vivian oso come le..
lol..vivan say i spoil their plan..
sry ya..dun wan u all stand too long so gonna spoil u all de plan..^^reli..
they still dun wan come in cuz wanna wait that jy , kian ,TH come ==
Zzz..aiks..u 3 make somebody stand too long...arghh...
when jy them come le...den they all ma come in le lo..
hehe^^ gt 2 gang of frenz ..
dunnoe wan layan which 1 ..
Zz.. that lo..i join xia this join xia that..
quite bz xia..keke...
bout 9pm like tat..
ChiA LOK,KHEE BooN,AH TEnG,YOng QUan,ah XIang aso come le wor...
now bcome more fun edi...haha
aiks..bout 9.30 like that we pitt lu~
all of them nid back home le..^^
but some of us still go MC eat icecream..n old town lim teh..lolx..
lim xia lim xia..we go cyclone dota pula..Zzz
tis time i join my bro n frenz ..lolx
we play until 2am...
2am edi ..i dunoe whether wan back home or sleep at ah lam home..
but at last i chose to back home...cuz cant wait to c my present..
hehe...luckly mom din scold me y so late sin back home...
haha..after bath i open de present lo...
lol...cookies wif my name,necklase,n a card..^^ happy n touch..wanna cry le T-T
de most i love is de card it write down wat u wanna tell me..
actually tis is meaningful to me^^谢谢!
so hope next time i wunt b shy shy boy infront o u oredi..lala~
n de cookies i reli can found out my name..n its sweet xD necklase..ll always b wif me..xD
i ll reli appreciate all of this ..
thank you Vivian!
^^n THANK YOU to all my frenz aso...thx for u all de wishes n present..
i reli happy on my birthday..
i hope that everyday is my birthday..hehe..greedy de me..!!
And ar..i hv a sweet dream until de next morning...lolx!


天 空___jiA yU said...

still hv my wish leh..
hapy bday la~~

SokaMi said...

o ya..= =
4get..keke..thx lo..
n my present also dun 4get to brin back la~