Wednesday, March 4, 2009

PuPpy ! 晴天+凉风习习 is de 1st day of exam!
so wat?din care it..Zzz
after exam...juz 1pm onli..
so i hv to go back by my own.. bus..
huh sit de bus so nice..air-cond vy cold n de bus is new bus i think..
de bus put me at bus station..den i nid walk back to home ..
luckly today not that hot..^^

erm..i walk la walk la...
den i c my
Q him...walk like a kid (walk+abit jump)
den he ask me to feed his dog 2gahter..
i no reject but follow him 2gather..
we go de small house that we put de dog..
huh~many dog dog here..
i think gt 10+ ba..(allan's dog)
2 dog n many puppy..
so Q..
they we slowly walk inside cuz dun wan wake them up..
"ehh?where is my dog(xiao pi)? " brother ask~!
den we go find lo..
he juz play at de restaurant nearby..
jump here jump dere..Q nia~
when Xiao Pi c my bro .. through us..
de "ling long(bell)"at his neck keep shaking..!
vy Q la..
my bro said that Xiao Pi cant move in a straight line..
it ll ban to another side when it wanna walk in straight way..
haha..anyways Q dog..
my bro hug it n feed it wif cookies ..
sudden de other 2 dog come out..
before tis they seem juz like an enermy..
now vy friend liao lu~
we act them play xia..
15min like that..
we say goodbye to other puppy..
hehe...but Xiao Pi hard to "pitt dai" it..
den my bro call me run 1st..he put de Xiao Pi inside de small house ..quickly run out den close de door.. noe ..Xiao Pi still can come out from a hole..= = '
so he nid to do tis s2p action again..
funny lo~!
after tat de puppy din follow us le..
mayb it also noe we hungry le..let us go back eat eat ba~

hey Xiao PI u r Q..i love you~
i ll go n c you everyday..
take care of ur self ..!!


天 空___jiA yU said...

brin me c when i bk..

SokaMi said...


Qi_♀ said...

y ur dog nt live at ur house de..
homeless dog laide?

SokaMi said... home cant ..
my mum not aloud ..
n too small..
no place 4 it to stay..
but b4 tis it reli is a homeless dog..
but now at least gt place to stay.

Howhow said...

ah ming ah oli i knw u got blog..wahha^ ^..
geng geng geng cute dog e^^