Monday, August 17, 2009

most kik day '':.....:''

Today so kik..
but kik dao i still gt mood type blog..
reli dunnoe how to say..

1)i eat "ba wang chan" nid gv stupid that tauke..lolx
2)3 person 1 motorcycle..1st round =ah di(driver),ah jun,li chen,and xiao pi(a Q dog),2nd round..ah di(driver),me and wann chen~
2)i come back wanna play we create de restart pc..cant login..'hot'
3)i go hunt mvp..n mvp drop card(rate to drop a card is 0.1% and de boss 1 hour juz out 1..sommore many player booking that mvp)..when i wanna pick de card..suddenly lag..den i go back n take noe..kill by card disappear infront me..
4)i c something..den hot.."good frenz"..wao~
5)almost 1am i still eat ice-cream..den now stomachache..good...dai sei..

today reli KIK~ happy angry 不爽de..
n..form 5 jor...many things is changes...
u noe i noe la..
i hope i can stay in form 4..or wat...
i reli dun like form 5 life...all things change..
conclusion for today is "~!@#$%^&*(


-yIN- said...

the pic v cute leh~ha~=)

SokaMi said...

hehe TQ lo =)

jinjin said...

yerr...hao xin u ba wang can..n hor..y pt dose "pic" above the angel la!!!nt match oso!!!nt suitable v the "pic"...lalalala...

SokaMi said...

= = ''