Sunday, July 12, 2009


well..last day ..Progression havin perform at Kl Hap Seng plaza..
er..tis time perform quite special..
cuz no stage de..
means we perform at floor..- -'' tat make me nervous..
cuz d audience juz stand infront us..omg!
i make many mistake in tis perform...T_T
wu..many SJ fans r watching..
arghh..i promise wunt gt next time..sry..
THEN..those jie jie treat us so nice..
buy sushi , KFC , korea FOOD for us..
we eat till vy full~aha..
after tat they still bring us go BBQ plaza eat.. again...haha..bao bao..~
after eat we walk around at time square..haha..
de time we waiting to cinema..
we done many funny n crazy thing...

1)play car race (fun)
2)carom (fun)
3)dance at time square corridor (crazy)
4)c ppl pak tor (fun)

tis time we watch "Public Enemy"
erm..tis movie quite nice ..
but vy complicated..
after watch movie den we back to hotel lo..
at hotel..many funny things happen
we eat sushi n laugh non stop..
lolx..reli fun~kaka
but all ppl r we 3.30 like tat jiu oi oi le..
Aiks...anyways..trip wif progression vy fun geh~keke


Awakened SpiritZ said...

Dance o~
Leng chai de o still got jie jie come treat u all eat~

~tRutH~ [++] said...

YOR~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ NO BRING ME ALONG!
i want c ah cong eh!
10years no c dao he ad..
dun tel he..

yer~~ zomok gt SU Yi JEONG D!! ARGH I WANT!
o/s : Bianada jaejoong..hehe..

SokaMi said...

lol..leng cai sure gt jiejie treat la..aha..erm..u wan yi jeong o ??
den tomolo i call him go Hwa Lian find u ..he live at my home nw..but for 2 week onli..^^

~tRutH~ [++] said...

YER!! CALL HE COME HWALIAN TMR AR!! hehehe....... CHONGMAI BIANADA JAEJOONG ........ ^^ i settle hero sin.. tmr bring yijeong to me..muahaha!

~tRutH~ [++] said...

bluf der.. today no c dao yijeong

-yIN- said...

juz saw the video~