Monday, September 7, 2009

To All Who Fell Like Give Up

Today when i check facebook..
I saw something..
that i never saw b4!!

Well let's watch it~

To all who fell like give up~

So what you do when u fall down?
Get back up..
u cant even go anywhere if u din't get back up
but sometimes in life
when u fall down
you feel like u dun wan to straight get back up

when he fall down
He was down dere n face down
He is no arm and leg..
it should be imposible for him to get back up
and he try 100 times to get up
did he fall 100 time??
if he fall and n give up do u think he going to get up??

he try again n again n again
until he get back up~

Touching ~
i love this..its a lesson for me..
I will get back up when fall down
and keep "Walking"..


Benson said...

never give up..

╭❤ p!nky!rêne ♡╯ said...

haha~ never give up....great o...

SokaMi said...


xiao_qing said...

yeng w0rr~

GemInI[x2] said...

never give up..
nothing is impossibel..

SokaMi said...

ying hor..ya nothing is imposible..
never give up ..